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Experts in automation tecnologies and software 4.0 for industrial plants

Experts in
automation and software solutions for the industry

We are

We are a professional team, specialized in the implementation of specific technologies and software developments for industry4.0 and also we offer support in the digital transformation of the industry.

We collaborate with managers and technicians of industrial plants to propose optimization challenges and communications using industrial automation technologies protected with advanced Security Architecture.

Looking for
in manufacturing plants

To remain competitive, the manufacturing plants have to significantly improve their processes. Increasingly complex products must be launched on the market in very short time intervals, and there is a continually growing demand for customized products.

This means that companies have to digitize in order to manage data in real time that allows the managers to make effective decisions.

  • + speed
  • + customized
  • + quality
  • + complexity
  • + efficiency
  • + cost optimization

Obsessed with the advances and challenges for Industry 4.0

PROACIT provides its customers with the best technologies and solutions to respond to the challenges of Industry 4.0. Our clients have managed to improve efficiency and sustainability, obtaining results of quality and competitiveness within an industrial sector that evolves and advances at frenetic rates.

Take the first step toward digitalization right now and create a lasting competitive edge for your company with the scalable solutions from PROACIT. Now’s the right time to start – become a digital enterprise and stay ahead of the competition.

Flexibility in the value chain

Efficiency and sustainability

Quality and competitive results

Virtual and real production

We are aware of digital risks and threats,

so we propose Industrial cybersecurity systems

Increasingly, there is greater connectivity of machines and plants and, as a consequence, new risks have appeared that must be mitigated.
Cybersecurity will be increasingly relevant as a factor of success in the implementation of digital transformation, providing sustainability in the evolution towards the digital economy. We recommend the implementation of specific strategies to protect industrial plants from internal and external cyber attacks by implementing protection measures in an integrated manner, ranging from the management level of the plant to the field level, and from access control to the protection of intellectual property.

PROACIT offers a multi-layered concept in the control architecture that provides complete protection to plants, based on recommended international standards like ISO 27001 and specific regulations, according with the industry type and location, such as: NERC-CIP / NIST Framework.

We seek a mutual commitment of quality and technical excellence in manufacturing processes with our automation and software solutions:

Plant value
  • * Server on premise
  • * Cloud
  • * Advanced Factory Automation
  • * Simatic WinCC Open Architecture


& Consulting

  • Digitalization strategies
  • Global Engineering Projects
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Industrial cloud computing
  • Workers Training
  • Eficiency Energy Solutions

& Implementation

  • Automation of continuous processes and batch
  • IoT technologies
  • Customized interfaces
  • Supervision systems
  • Electrical assemblies and instrumentation
  • Data acquisition Systems (PLANTVALUE)




It’s time to propose your industrial challenge


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Polígono Riu Clar, Tarragona (España)


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Fax: (+34) 977 20 30 60


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